Monday, December 12, 2011

Equestrian Training in progress.................

Jason and Mamie recently bought a farm that I had been renting and it is a wonderful farm.  It once was a horse ranch and has a wonderful arena on it.  We are all so excited because the kids will be able to ride their horses in it in the wintertime.  Yesterday Jason and Shea were working their horses.  Shea would like to be a barrel racer and Jason is working with her.  They called me and I went to watch.  I never get tired of seeing them ride.  This is Jason and Shea.

 Jason and Dallas.  Dallas was riding Amigo.  Amigo is a girl (????????????????).  She should be Senora, or Senorita,  or Bessie, or anything else but Amigo.  But Amigo she is.  She is a  wonderful kids pony.

Jason on Biscuit running the barrels.  He is such a cowboy.

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  1. We were very glad Jason and Mamie bought Dave's place. We know it will be taken care of and not subdivided. I know a few of the neighbors were concerned when they started talking about selling. And it will be a great place for the kids in the wintertime to ride.
    Jimmy and Mylene