Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, OK. I'm back. I just needed

a little break.  Thanks to all who told me they missed my posts.  I just went through a little dry period.  Anyway......................................................I do have something on my mind this morning. 
Caution:  Men....TMI   (too much information)  You will thank me for this.  Do not read this post.  Trust me,  you'll thank me for warning you!

Ok, Ladies,  Do you share my habit for wearing underwire bras?  I have been wearing them for years---out of necessity.  They seem to work well with me and I have been buying the same brand and style for years.  Its that brand that costs a fortune, but I figure that if it is comfortable, it is worth the price I pay. 

However, for the past year I have been having problems with my high priced underwires.  They must be making them cheaper because the underwires work their way out of the channel they are sewn into and they poke me.  There is nothing worse than having a wire poking you.  They really hurt!  Can you empathize?

I had been fighting that stupid wire:  tugging it back into it's channel all day long.  Yesterday evening I went out about 7pm to mow my lawn.  I  had just begun to mow and that darn wire began poking me again.  It was still hot out and I just lost it!   I stopped my mower, snapped open the clasp on that bra, pulled the straps over my arms and pulled that torture devise off of my body.   Then I threw it on the grass.  Every time I passed that wicked item I ran over it with my mower.  I would detour out of my mowing path to run over it.  The mower would just throw it to the side with the clippings.

After I had run over it a dozen times or so, it finally caught on the mower blade and I listened to the whap, whap, whap as the blade whipped it around, hitting the sides of the mower platform.  I smiled at the sound.  You take that!  My underwire rode with me for a few rounds, but when I got near the driveway, it suddenly stopped.  I figure it was thrown out into the driveway.  I kept looking for it, but couldn't find it.  I assume it is still our there, ...................it is a nude color and would be hard to see in the driveway.  I even walked out there  to look for it when I was done mowing.  I couldn't find it.  With my luck, the next time my preacher comes over he will walk into my house dragging it on the heel of his shoe..........................................


  1. Marilyn, you are a hoot! But that is why I am a sportbra convert! And if your preacher is married, or had sisters, or even his mother I am sure if he is the one that fines it, he will get a chuckle out of it and completely understand! (Besides I am sure it is green by now!!)


  2. OMG...LOL Marilyn !! I can so relate to this post. And I did mean to tell you the other night at the fair that I had missed reading your blog. So I'm so happy you are back !! Every evening I have been checking to see if you have posted something new besides "working with cattle again". Patti Griffith

  3. Well, we are all glad you are back. Recently I converted to wireless because I couldn't stand that wire poking me anymore. They are about $40 each so I only have two, the hubby told me I need to buy more. I think he is tired of seeing one or the other on the clothesline everyday!