Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working cattle again............

They got the cattle up to spray them for flies and worm them.  I am always so fascinated by Jason's horses.  They were born to work cattle.............especially Biscuit.  Here's a peek at some of the work that goes on at our place.  Shea came to help.  She rode Doc and helped to get the cattle in, opened and closed gates, and filled syringes for her Daddy.  She is quite a good cowgirl.................and very pretty too.

 Jason ,on Biscuit, moves the cattle through the alley and Andrew, on the fence, sprays them one by one.  When they work cattle they are very calm and that seems to keep the cattle calm.  It all works well for all involved.
Jason and Biscuit cut out another cow in the alley.

You can't see it,but there is a small calf cornered between the gate and the fence and Biscuit wants him OUT and into the alleyway.

I think this cow is so pretty.  I didn't get a photo, but we have one poor cow with one big thick horn and a hairy forehead.  I told Andrew that she should be called unicorn.  He calls her, "Creepy Horn".  She is rather odd looking.  She probably thinks the same of me.

Wonder how this gate got so bowed out?

This is the prettiest cowgirl I know.  She is such good help.

Doc and Biscuit wait patiently to get back with the cows.


  1. LOVE your detailed photo stories... and indeed Shea is the most beautiful cowgirl EVER :) Enjoy the cows out your window ~ Jill

  2. Lovely beasts and pretty girl (your daughter?). What breed is the other beautiful girl with the horns? She looks like she might have some Jersey in her.

  3. Shea is beautiful inside and out. The cattle and horses are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dear Sally, that pretty girl is my granddaughter. I imagine that cow is a cross between an angus and another breed. Our cows are not pure bred. We produce cattle for beef production and we have a variety of breeds on our farm; angus, charelais, hereford, etc. I love the cows and many evenings I will take the 4wheeler and look at them. Thanks for reading my blog. I have been so busy lately that I have taken a break. (bad me). Marilyn