Friday, April 1, 2011

I went to Bass Pro a few weeks ago.....................

and was lost.  I know very little about fishing gear, but I did know what I didn't want.  I have probably bought a dozen rods and reels for myself and the kids and they were all nightmares-------hard to cast, the lines would tangle----just not good equipment for the kids and me.  So I browsed the many aisles of gear and became more confused.  I finally asked for help and a nice young man came to my rescue.  I told him I wanted some good gear for me and my grandchildren.  He immediately led me to various displays of rod/reel packages.  NO NO NO..............been there and done that.  He finally steered me toward the rods.  It seems the Ugly Stick is a good rod for what I had in mind.  I got a couple and then we turned our attention to the reels.  He showed me some.  I wasn't impressed.  I kept reminding him that I wanted a good reel (expensive).  He finally showed me two that were from the same company.  What was the difference?  They were almost identical.  It seems that one has a lot of plastic in the gear box and the other has metal.  I took two of the all metal reels.  I knew what kind of bait I wanted---those red and purple worms with the hooks already in them.  I picked out about a dozen.  Then I asked him what else I needed.  He showed me some small lead sinkers that you "pinch" on the line.  They worked well.  I thanked him and looked around some more...............some good pinchers to pull the hooks out of the poor fish, a small net and I was happy.

Laine came over this afternoon and wanted to go fishing, so we put the reels on the rods, tied on the worms, pinched on the sinkers, and organized our tackle box.  We took off for the pond below the house and had such a good time.  He really got a lot of practice casting and by the time we left he was really doing well.  We didn't catch anything-----it was way too windy, but he had a good time.  Jason came and picked us up at the pond.  He wanted to know if they could take the new fishing gear home with them.  I really didn't want them to, but I made them promise to bring it back tomorrow morning.  My stuff has a way of disappearing...............     I know what Jason is getting for his birthday.  Don't tell him.  Here's a few photos I took.

I wish every little boy could grow up on a farm......................

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  1. Jimmy loved these pictures. Nothing like a boy fishing even if he has to wear his heavy coat. I made the kids a couple of "fishing poles" for inside the house out of dowel rods and some thread and buttons I had around here. Spent about 50 cents on each one and they are content for now. But it is warmning up.