Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have been enjoying my grandchildren this week.

Jason planted corn on his 80 acres on Friday, moved to the coal mines on Sunday, and today he planted the Adkins place and is now planting our North 70.  This is always a very trying time of year.......we are so dependent on weather...............is the soil warm enough, dry enough.............you get the idea.

I thought Jilli was so cute in Garrett's fireman boots.

Shea Shea still loves to swing.  Isn't she cute?

My grandkids all wear one another's shoes.  Dallas has Shea's flip flops on.

Dixie is not my grandchild, but she would like to be!

Dallas and Laine spent the night with me so we got up and went fishing.  Laine caught this nice bass.  If he looks like he is in pain, it's because the fish was so heavy for him.

Garrett has been "burying" his tractors in the rock pile lately.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful grandchildren!!!

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