Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hatton Community Club today....................

was attended by 80 people!  While Jason was planting at the Jones farm today, most of the other farmers of our community were at the dinner.   Our farms are sloping and we no till, so we can usually get into the fields before other farmers who farm a lot of flat ground.  There were so many people at the dinner today that Mamie and I and the kids ate outside on the picnic table because by the time we went through the line the tables were filled.  It is so nice to have community dinner like we have.  It is so good to see neighbors and enjoy all the wonderful food that the ladies (and some men) bring. It has been cloudy all day.  I left my clothes hanging on my line, not knowing if they would get rained on before I got home, but they were fine.  Planting season  is such a wonderful time of year.

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