Thursday, March 31, 2011

this week has flown by..............................

Tuesday I spend most of the day running errands.................got new tires put on my car, a trip to the license bureau to get tags for my vehicle, to Sam's for a bit of food shopping, a trip to the bookstore for a book on Michelangelo,  and then home.....................not much time left to do anything.  Wednesday I went to see Jillian and Garrett and Mom.  Mom and I had lunch together and then I went to the antique mall for an hour of browsing before Rachel got home.  I found these amazing duck decoys and I want to paint them.   Then I went to see the kiddos and we played out side.  Garrett loves to play in the dirt.  They have a raised bed garden and he digs and digs.  Then Garrett and I went for a walk..............he in the road ditch where the water was and me on the pavement.  He wanted to go to the creek, so I let him climb the fence and check out the little creek.  He threw rocks in, crossed it a dozen times, and finally agreed to go home for some supper.  He is really growing up.  I forget he is only 3 because he has such an astounding vocabulary.  At supper he wanted to say the blessing. He prayed for the food and hoped it would make our bodys healthy---how often do you hear that from a 3 year old?  Today I paid bills and had Art and Music.  Shea drew a horse, Laine and I did "I draw, you draw" and Shea helped Dallas make a picture while Laine and I had guitar lessons.  Shea had lessons and is doing super.  It was a lot of fun.

I just though I would let your see my first "real" quilt.  I started it in 2004 when I took a class at Miss Milly's Quilt Shop.  The technique was paper piecing.  It was a pineapple lone star pattern and I had to make 6 pieced diamonds for the star.  I think I made 5 and just quit.  In 2006 I went skiing with the kids, and decided that I wanted to finish that quilt.  I came home and  did so and haven't looked back.  I was bitten by the bug!

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