Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jilli and Garrett came over and spent the evening with me..............

and Garrett was such a big helper.  He set the table:  he had a green plate, Jilli had a red plate and I got the blue plate.  He was also the keeper of the cottege cheese.  He served Jilli and me several times.  I don't know why there was so much cottage cheese on the floor.  Anyway.   He washed the dishes and Jillian rinsed them and put them on the drainer.  They are both a lot of "help".  For some reason, Jillian's top had to go in the dryer for about 15 minutes.  
The Guardian of the Cottage Cheese.

Miss Manners,  or perhaps Miss Piggy

Jason just loves my new dog, Ghost, but Ghost is scared of him.  He was trying to pet him this morning and I had the door to the mud room open.  Ghost ran it and hid his face in a corner.  This is the only way Jason was able to pet him.

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  1. Your grandchildren are so cute and sound so helpful! What a nice Gamma to let them help out.
    Poor Jason, Ghost might have been abused by a man or was a women only dog with his previous owner. He is a beautiful dog, keep it up, he will come around.