Thursday, February 3, 2011

I think I was getting cabin fever,

so I bundled up and went outside.  I was able to walk through my yard in the tire trucks Jason left from the road to my door yesterday.  That made traversing the ice and drifts much easier.  I delivered 2 trash bags to the dumpster and talked with Jason and Laine a little.  Jason wanted to get his 18 wheeler out so he could take a load of corn to St. Louis, so he made a single lane down our county road all the way to the blacktop. ................ Snow plowing courtesy of Smith AgriServices.  Jason said I could drive my SUV to my mailbox, so I thought I would give it a try.  When I got to the end of our lane, there was Andrew in the loader tractor.

He told me to follow him and he would dig out my mail box for me.  I didn't think the mailman would deliver my mail if he couldn't pull up to my box, but when I opened my mailbox, it was full of mail.  He must have delivered it at least twice this week.  I had a nice surprise---my new American Quilter Magazine had arrived!

This is our county road now, courtesy of Jason.  Thank you Jason!

Along our county road, the drifts have all but covered up the fences.

Jason was on the way to St. Louis with a load of corn.  Laine was going with him.

I hope they get through our county road. I drove out to the blacktop and it is fairly clear, so they should make it if they get to the blacktop.  I am so glad I got out.  Even though the temperature is cold, it seemed warm outside with the sun shining and no wind blowing.  The snow is such a sensual experience.  The air is cold and pure and the snow has made everything clean.  If you get a chance, get out in it for a little while.  It breathes new life into the soul.  Petting Ghost also makes me happy.................as well as Ghost.

This morning Jason called me while he was feeding silage.  There were two huge Bald Eagles perched side by side in the top of a tree overlooking our irrigation lake.  They were watching the geese that were on the lake.  I got my binoculars and had a good look at them.  Soon they took flight and soared south.  We have been seeing Bald Eagles for perhaps 5 years now.  They are magnificent!

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