Monday, February 14, 2011

Gamma is taking care of three grandchildren...................

while Mom and Dad are riding their horses.  We have been having a great time.  Remember that I told you I was teaching Shea to draw portraits.  Last week was the first lesson and I asked Shea to draw some faces this past week, putting all the elements of the face in the proper place.  Here is a picture of her Dad and I thought she did a pretty good job!

Yesterday evening I went with Shea to feed and water her 4-H steer.  Laine wanted to climb a tree.  I guess it is good to start small and work your way up to bigger trees.

Shea and Laine pulled the sled to the water hydrant to fill the bucket for the calves to drink.  They then put the bucket on the sled and pulled it back to the barn,  carried it to the calves,  and let them drink.  Isn't it nice to see them working together!

There is something about kids and hay bales!

And sunsets.  We are in the midst of a "January" thaw and the sun  is staying around until almost 6pm now.  Spring is already in the air.


  1. Enjoy your time with them... that's wonderful they can escape and know the kids are so well taken care of! - Jill

  2. Great photos of the kids, love how they are so close. The sunsets have been wonderful and I too am thankful it is staying light longer and loving the warmer weather even if it brings the mud. One step closer to spring and all the beauty it brings.