Saturday, February 12, 2011

As usual I have been very busy.....................

I went to see Garrett and Jillian and made them 2 cherry pies and 1 blackberry pie.  I also made chicken caccitore and put it away for another day.  Thursday I paid bills----always a half day task since I usually do that only once a week.  I also worked on the second dragon.  I had to rip out some of it and redo it.  It is really difficult to thread paint a mirror image  and make it look like an exact mirror image.   Yesterday morning I worked on the dragon again and got quite a bit done.  Yesterday afternoon the kids came for Art and Music and we drew.  They have been wanting to do more drawing and painting and we have been working on that.  Laine is still practicing coloring and doing some sketching and I am trying to teach Shea how to draw people.  She made several practice portraits last week, one expecially good of her Daddy.  I think she can be a portrait artist.  We have been working on faces and learning how to SEE.  Learning to see is the most important skill of portraiture.  When the kids are drawing I usually draw along with them.  I really love to draw people.  I should do more of it, but time is always a factor.  Here is a portrait I did in about an hour and I thought the model (from a magazine) was very interesting.  I want to make a quilt based on the story of Ruth in the Bible and this model looks like she would be a good "Ruth".

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