Friday, February 18, 2011

I am laying on the couch.............................

recovering from five days of caring for three grandchildren, but did we ever have fun!  They are such good kids.  They had school every morning and their teacher was a neighbor who homeschooled five of her own children and is a wonderful, wonderful person.  We were really busy.  Shea and Laine had to feed their calves every morning before school and every evening.  They also went to 4-H and KFJ at their church.  They started painting on paint by number pictures, and jumped on the trampoline. Every evening we had movie night with popcorn.  We went to Angell's Western Wear and bought clothes for all the cowboys and cowgirl, and we even went to the movies and saw Gnomeo and Juliet.  They ate lots of  Puppy Chow and Candy and made my mud room live up to it's name.  They enjoyed the warm weather and played with all my old toys and dressed up in my box of Auntie Rachel's old dance costumes (all that money spent on costumes has really paid off).  Shea and Laine took turns missing their parents and Dallas was happy the entire time.  I have two full size beds, so we played musical beds every night........................and I ended up on the couch every night because of the mules I slept with.  They were really glad to go home to their parents, but when I called yesterday evening and asked "Who wants to spend the night at Gamma's?"   two of the three wanted me to come and get them!  Great memories!

At Gamma's you get to eat your doughnuts and bacon while watching cartoons!

Laine doesn't like his photo taken, but he got bacon and doughnuts too.

Shea always plays dress up when she comes over.  This is her Laura Ingalls Wilder look.

Oh the joy of being a child.  I never had a trampoline, but every chance I got, I jumped on the bed!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with the grandkids. Sounds like they enjoyed it as well. Yesterday, my two were jumping on my bed and we had to sing the "Five Little Monkeys" song. They love it! I don't think Mommy and Daddy let them jump on the bed. Whoops.

  2. Marilyn I so enjoy reading your blog !! And I hope to one day enjoy being a grandparent and getting to spoil grandchildren. You have such beautiful grandchildren.
    Patti Griffith