Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's snowing again...........................

and it is so beautiful.  It has been so many years since we have had a snowy winter and I'm enjoying the beauty of it.  This is a picture taken as I stood in my doorway.  The snowflakes are showering down big and thick and there is a haze falling on the farm.  Don't you love the silence of the snow?  It is almost a mystical experience.

I had a nice relaxing day yesterday.  I cleaned my house in the morning.  Having a small house is really nice when it is time to clean.  I can clean my house in about 4 hours----my other house took all day to really clean it good.  My hairdresser had given me an appointment for the afternoon, so I ventured out.  The county gravel road was snow covered, the first blacktop I took was slush covered and the main blacktop was clear, so I made it just fine.  By the time I left my hairdresser and the grocery store, it had turned gray and was looking like snow again........................and it started snowing about 5pm.  I am so relieved that I finally got my hair done.  I woke up this morning to a "younger" person staring at me in the mirror. 

I attend church at a rural church about 5 miles from my home.  It sits in the middle of farmland and the people are so wonderful.  Many of our members, including our pastor and his wife, live as much as 20 miles away, so services were cancelled due to the snow.  I think I'll quilt on Dragons Lair today.  Jason has already fed the cows and it is a beautiful day with the snow falling silently upon the fields.

My Sunday school lesson that I was to teach this morning was about Christ calling for us to be a living sacrifice.......................   This reminded me of something I heard:  "The problem with living sacrifices is that they tend to crawl off the altar."   Oh, how true that is for me.

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