Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm excited..............

about my dragon.  I always learn so much when I make a quilt.  I am using that @#%&@#  metallic thread.  I had read somewhere that a product called Sewers Aid, when applied to thread, kept it from fraying so badly.  At first I was only using a small amount, but I kept getting frays, so I put a generous line down the side of the spool of thread and rubbed it around the entire spool.  I do that quite frequently and it seems to be working much better.   The other thing I discovered was the Fons and Porter mechanical marking pencil I told you about yesterday-------------------works like a dream (since I am having to fill in my dragon  design free handed.)  Anyway........................TADA!

I pinned my pattern on so you would easier see what I am doing.  What do you think?  Let me know.  The jury is still out on whether it shows up enough.


  1. Lovely, you are so creative. I am getting ready to start on a Lover's Knot (or interlocking blocks as one site calls it) for one of our "adopted" children. But I think I am going to have it machine quilted.

  2. oh well! since I am backtraking through your posts, I just found the answer to the question I asked you about the silicone oil (aka, sewers aid). haha! anyway, i also wanted to say that the dragons are beautiful!! don't give up - this quilt will be amazing!!