Monday, January 24, 2011

I ventured outside this afternoon.............

to put my trash in the dumpster, to put Andrew's  paycheck in his vehicle, and to get the mail.  It was rather warm compared to what it has been.  I was walking beneath the eave of the machine shed when I looked up to see this:

Wicked looking icicles!  For those of you who think farmers do nothing in the wintertime..........................Jason is loading DAP and Potash in the fertilizer mixer and then loading it onto the fertilizer tender truck. He and Andrew have been spreading DAP and Potash on all the corn ground in preparation for Spring planting.  They have been doing this for a couple of weeks now and will soon be done. 

fertilizer mixer and tender truck

Jason scooping up fertilizer and putting it into the mixer.

Now for a little quiz:  I found these tracks by the machine shed.  See if you can identify them.





Answers:  A- rabbit  B-deer  C-me  D-bird.  How did you do?

Laine lost his first tooth.

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