Sunday, January 16, 2011

I went to see Jilli and Garrett.......................

on Friday.  I picked up Jilli at the babysitters and we had a great day.  She helped me make pie crust.  I just knew that she was going to knock the bowl off the counter the minute I turned my back, so I didn't turn my back.
Can you see how happy she is.  I gave her a choice of apple or cherry pie.  She chose cherry, her Daddy's favorite.  She was taking a nap when I rolled out the crusts.  Jilli has her own rolling pin and I was disappointed that she didn't get to help.  We will make pies again and I will let her use her rolling pin

Saturday we went outside and Garrett and Jillian headed for the snow drifts.  Notice Garrett's belt.  He has his binoculars on it so he can look for coyotes.

Jilli followed Garrett everywhere he went and when she got in too deep of a drift, she would cry,  "I'm stuck.  I'm stuck."  We got the saucer sled out, but the snow was so dry it wasn't slick enough to propel them down their little hill.  We soon got cold and headed back in for hot chocolate.  They were so much fun.

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