Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pure Love

I attended a baby shower for my nephew and his wife .  This is their first baby and my sister's fourth grandbaby.  When my sister and I  get together we talk about our weight, our wrinkles, our sags, our bulges.  It is almost a sacred litargy for us.  We laugh it off and attibute it to our age, our genes, our weakness for good food, but deep down, we do mourn our lost youth.  In this youth oriented world it is difficult to accept the face (no pun intended) of age.

Marsha was telling me that her granddaughter Hannah will run her fingers through her hair and tell her how pretty her hair is and she will pat her cheek and tell her she is beautiful.  How sweet is that.

I have been dressing up for Halloween since I have had grandchildren.  When grandaughter Shea was about 5 years old I answered her"trick or treat"  dressed in my daughter's long petticoat that she had worn under gowns when she was competing in pageants.  I couldn't get it zipped up completely, but the white t shirt I put over the top of it covered the gap.  I put on the veil and I was "in costume".  I expected her to laugh and laugh at Gamma as a bride, but to my astonishment, her eyes got big and she gushed,  "Gamma, you are bea.....tiful!"  I wasn't expecting that at all.

When I think of these  precious children's love for their grandmothers, I have to think that is how God sees us. 

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