Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I was eating this before it was cool to eat this............

  When we were growing up (my three brothers and one sister) Mom always had a big garden.  She would get up early in the morning when it was cool to go out and hoe, weed, and pick her produce.  Then it was our turn.  We would hull peas, beans, stem and snap green beans, shuck corn........whatever needed to be done to prepare the vegetables for canning.  Mom would usually allow us to sit in the living room and watch tv in order to make the  experience more enjoyable.............they had morning cartoons and game shows in the early 60's.  I don't remember who had the "opportunity" to do this work, but it was probably Allen, Ronnie and me. 
There was the usual squabble about who was slacking and who was doing the most work. If there was too much squabbling, Mom would divide up the "mess"  of produce among the three of us and it was up to us how long we wanted to procrastinate. 

I was always glad to break for lunch.  We usually ate a light lunch because Mom made a big dinner for the evening meal.  We lived way out in the country and only had one vehicle, so we didn't just pop into town if we needed something from the grocery store.  We usually ate lunch meat sandwiches..........usually hand cut slices of bologna on thick slices of Mom's homemade bread .  We thought it was great.  Inevitably we would run out of lunch meat and had to scrounge for something else to make sandwiches with.  During tomato season we would have tomato sandwiches.......thick slices of ruby red tomatoes picked fresh from the vine.  Washed off, sliced,  and layered with a bit of onion on toasted home made bread slathered with miracle whip...............it had to be miracle whip.  A disaster in our house was when the miracle whip jar was empty.  You had to have miracle whip.

Yesterday I decided the heirloom tomato sitting on my counter was ripened to perfection.


                                                        Heirloom Tomato Sandwich

Toast some bread.  Slather with Miracle Whip.  Add some more Miracle Whip.  After all, it is Lite.  Core the tomato and slice.  Layer the slices onto the toast.  Season with salt and pepper.  Enjoy!  You can add other things if your like.....................onion, lettuce, cucumber, cheese.  But the best way is
my way.  Yum!

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  1. We had the same sandwich growing up. Mom always wanted bacon on hers, but I preferred mine without. Great memories. I still eat them when I have tomatoes in the house. (no garden)