Monday, January 2, 2012

The Smith family gathered at Chris and Hollie's home yesterday.................

and all the kids were so cute and fun.  I have decided that kids really make me happy.  It was such a good day.  Not everyone was there.  Robby and his two daughters,  Miranda and Allissa and Nicki and Justin and their children, Payson and Micah, and Mary Ann , Ed and David, and Joel's Debbie weren't there.  Wish they all could have been there.
Anyway, we had a great finger food bar that we grazed on all afternoon.  My neighbor, Marilyn, came with me and brought 2 of her delicious pies.  Everyone fought over the Rhubarb pie.  I didn't care.................the apple pie was equally good.  Marilyn is "Gamma" to Jason and Rachel's kids and is a cherished part of our family----even though she is not a Smith.  Mamaw and Papa looked good and were so happy to be with most of the family.  Jill had driven in from Houston to be with her family during the holidays and it was good to see her.  My kids and grandkids were all there.  Jilli and Dallas were competing for my lap space.  Garrett and Laine were playing with all the boys and Shea, Emily, and Zoe was playing together.  Here is a photo of the kids:

From top left:
Mason, Collin, Zoe, Laine, Max, Shea with Beau, and Emily
From bottom left:
Garrett, Jackson, Dallas and Jillian

How cute is that?  Mamaw and PaPa have 16 great grandchildren and there is probably going to be more one of these days.................Joel and Debbie just got married last summer, and Brennan and David are still single....................could be LOTS more.

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