Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kingdom of Callaway Fair

I love the fair.  I have been going since I was a child in 4-H, when my children were in 4-H, and now when my grandchildren are in 4-H.  It is so much fun to watch the kids exhibit their projects.  It has been especially fun the last few years because I have had the joy of seeing many of the kids I watched grow up taking their kids to the fair to show their livestock.  Shea showed her steer and Dallas and Laine showed their bucket calf on Wednesday.  It was a fun, but extremely hot day.  Garrett had spent the night with me and Rachel and Jillian met us at the fair to see Shea, Laine, and Dallas show their catttle. Mamie and Jason have done a lot of work so their kids can show cattle.  It is not just a one day affair.  Laine and Shea have been taking care of their animals all year, feeding and watering them, taming them down to a halter, and working with them so they will behave themselves at the fair.  Laine's bucket calf, Combine, is always so good and he is really a good looking calf.  Shea's steer, Elvis, weighed in at 1255 pounds and she did an excellent job of showing him.  Here are some photos of the fair.  Hope you enjoy them:

Sweet Addie, Jill and Kurt's little girl, stands next to her bucket calf while Laine's calf, Combine, awaits final grooming.  I think Combine is a fine looking calf!!!  Shea may feed him and show him next year in the steer show.  Notice his left ear---somehow he got it in the fan and cut the tip off.  Poor Combine!

Mamie and Shea help Dallas show Combine.  Can you tell Dallas is a little shy?

Addie is walking (or tugging) her calf around the show ring. This was her first time to show and she did an excellent job!

This class of bucket calves are lined up for the judge.  The calf first from the left is shown by Haden, Heather and Aaron's little boy, and the second from the left is Collin, Katie and Carson's son.  I can just hear Heather,  "Be sure to keep your eye on the judge."  Haden listened well!

Collin is proud of his trophy..........and he is so cute!  Sharon and Paul , his grandparents were there to watch him.

Caleb, Sarah and Roy's youngest son, walks away with his tropy.  Very cute calf and boy!

Now it was time for Laine and Hunter to show their stuff.  Laine (left) shows Combine and Hunter shows his calf.

Laine did a wonderful job of answering the judge's questions.

Combine is saying,  "I'm glad the judge didn't ask me any questions!"

Hunter talks with the judge as his calf patiently waits for him.
Jilli loved the steer show.  She always wants to see the cows when she comes to see me.

Garrett was happy because he had a mouthful of gum.  Earlier he had dropped the whole roll of gum on the ground.  We brushed it off and declared,  "A little bit of cow poop never hurt anybody!"  He didn't hesitate to stuff another bit of the gum into his mouth.

This is Katy and Carson's older son.  They have such cute kids and they are growing up fast.

And finally, the Steer Show. Shea is getting Elvis lined up for the judge.  Elvis was really good.  There were a couple of steers in her class that were rather wild.  They put on quite a show.

Shea walks Elvis around the ring for the judge's viewing.

Here the steers are lined up for the judge to better compare them.

Elvis was foaming at the mouth from the heat, but he was being really good. 

Elvis placed 5th in his class.  Pretty good for a home grown steer!

Jason and Dallas standing in the livestock barn.

Dallas was really proud of his trophy and ribbon.

Laine was chosen Mr. Clover Kid and had special priveleges at the fair.  He was having a great time with his buddies.

Little boys just love to play in the dirt.......................even if it is in the livestock show barn.

At the livestock auction, this young lady put a hat and lei on her calf.  Cute!

Here is Shea in her cowboy hat selling Elvis at the Livestock sale.  Guess who bought her steer?  Gamma

Drew, middle son of Sara and Roy shows his hog for bidders at the sale.

This little girl proudly shows her lamb at the livestock sale.

Ian, eldest son of Sara and Roy sells his hog, too.
I hope I have identified all of the children correctly.  If not, let me know so I can correct it.  M

Shea's mentor and special friend, Patti was unable to be there.  We  missed you!


  1. I missed you guys too !! I sure loved reading this Marilyn and seeing what all the little kiddos did that day. Looks like Shea did an excellent job showing Elvis ! You have beautiful grandchildren.

  2. Thanks for sharing. The photos were great and I heard there were 34 kids showing bucket calves. What a group of kids! Glad you all had a good time, even if it was so hot. You have amazing grandchildren.