Saturday, July 30, 2011

OK...............I can't wear cute high heel shoes, but perhaps I can wear

beautiful jewelery.   I found a jewelery maker named Larry Vasquez who makes the most amazing jewelery.  He uses Mediterranean corals, rubies, lapis,  southwest American turquoise and Australian opals set in 18K and 24K gold.  Take a look at these.  Which would you like to have?

This piece is called Fate.   Look at the beautiful turquoise!!!!

This is Little Red Riding Hood..................love the ruby falling from the turquoise.

And finally, Them There Rainbows.  All three are offered at Blue Rain Gallery.com.

I think I would really like to have Them There Rainbows because I love the opals.  Which would you like?

You know, you can have more than one.....................provided you have the cash:

Little Red Riding Hood--$16500
Them There Rainbows--$18500

My Daddy always   told me he wished he had been born rich instead of so good looking.  I lost out on both.

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  1. Wouldn't you know it, the one we both like is the most expensive one. Oh well, guess we will have to dream. I don't think I would wear something so expensive, I would lose it or break it and then where would I be?