Sunday, July 31, 2011

I have been working on a big project this summer.

It is a very large drawing of my granddaughter, Shea, in buckskin astride her horse, Biscuit.  It is kind of a narrative drawing and tells a story.  Many years ago my family took a trip to Colorado and we spent the night in Oakley, Kansas.  While there, we went to their wonderful museum where I was captivated by a story about 2 young girls that had been kidnapped by Indians.  They were finally released to tell their story.  I have been reading about my county's history this summer, which spurred my interest in Native American Indians.  I found a site of hundreds of photographs of American Indians and I was inspired to make this huge drawing.  I may eventually do a painting in oil, or I may end up doing a quilt.......  but I have to finish it first.  I got bogged down on the horse and making the proportions between Shea and the horse correct.  It is difficult to draw a very large drawing!  Anyway.................here's a peek.

These are the two photos I am using for reference.  The funny thing about this is that when I went to take photos of Shea riding on Biscuit, she had put feathers in her hair.  Do you see them?  She had no idea I was making a drawing of her as an Indian girl.

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