Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Jilli and Garrett came and stayed with me while Mommy went to town.

We made jello.  I had to cut up the big marshmallows and they put them in the jello.  I didn't know it took so many marshmallows for jello!  Next we played with the toys until some people got cranky.  Then I decided to let them paint with watercolor.  Jilli wanted to paint with her fingers.  I thought it would be a lot easier to get the paint off her chest and tummy than it would be to get it out of her shirt.

I was amazed at Garrett.  He must have worked on his painting for 40 minutes.  I told him that artists paint all the way to the edges of their canvas and he did.  Usually kids will put five brushstrokes on the paper and be done.......................not my 4 year old genius.    He worked and worked on filling his canvas.  His favorite color was black so I had to encourage him to make it more colorful.  Pretty good for a 4 year old!

Look how he is concentrating on his art.  Pretty impressive.

I then dressed Jilli up in some of Rachel's old dance costumes.  She danced for me.  Isn't she cute?

They helped me make dinner, set the table. and then thy watched Bob the Builder till Mommy got here.   We ate and then tried to get them to take a nap.  Jilli napped and Garrett rested.  It was a wonderful day with the grandkids.

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