Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I have a very thoughtful son!

Jason told me last week that he wanted to take the Mothers in his life out to eat on Tuesday for Mother's Day.  He took all of us to Les Bourgeoise Winery Bistro.  That is my absolute favorite place to dine.  The view is spectacular.  I was a little nervous about taking all 5 of the grandkids, but they were really good.  Jason had salmon, Rachel had trout, and Mamie, Shea, and I had grilled porkchops with Asiago and chive mashed potatoes.  Laine had pizza and the other kiddos had chicken and mashed potatoes.  It was all delicious.

Jason gave his lemon slice to Jilli............................she ate it!

Shea loves her Daddy!

Jilli, Rachel and Garrett were having a good time.

Laine loved his soda, but hated the camera.....................

Dallas with his favorite girl.

When they brought the hot bread, Garrett loved it.......................especially the butter.

We had such a wonderful evening.  Believe it, or not, no one spilled their drink.  Some people had to have their silverware confiscated because they were making too much noise.  When they got really antsy, we looked around upstairs and also walked down the hill to see the river.  It was such a nice Mother's Day present.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, Jason.

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  1. What a nice gift. The restaurant is wonderful and the view is awesome!! Glad everyone had a good time and there were no incidents.