Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I love shoes.  I have always loved shoes.  When I was young and cute and flirty I couldn't afford to buy nice shoes.  Now that I no longer buy shoes for kids and hubby, I can afford to buy really nice shoes....................but now I have old pudgy feet that go along with my old pudgy body and I just can't buy the kind of shoes I love.  Today I went to Gidleys and saw the most amazing shoe, but I felt like Cinderella's stepsister.  My big, mis-shapen, calloused, short, fat, gout ridden and bunion threatened feet would not go into them.  I wanted to cry.  Life is so unfair.  Why can't we have money when we are young and cute and flirty?  Why can't I buy shoes like these?  I have the money.  I have places to wear them.
These would be perfect for Easter Sunday Church!

These would be perfect for my Quilt Guild meetings...................when I have to hold up quilts for our speakers I would be much taller!

These would be perfect for clubbing.........................the people at Hatton Community Club would love them!

These would be great to go to Sydenstrickers to get some parts for the farm machinery.

These would be good when I  go grocery shopping.

These would be perfect for Walmart shopping.

And these would make an impression at the Farm Service Agency office.

It is just not fair!!!!!


  1. Such beautiful choices!!Sad to say that if I was able to put them on I would have to stay sitting down. Couldn't even consider standing, let alone walking.
    Just enjoy the view!

  2. OMG Marilyn !! You crack me up !! I love this blog about the shoes. It's all so true about our age...and it totally sucks !! :((
    Patti Griffith

  3. I love them, too bad we can't wear them anymore. I have a really cute pair of sandals with 3" heels that I do shop in but only because they are so comfortable. I think you should buy a pair and wear into one of the farm stores to see if they notice.
    Thanks for the laugh today.