Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shoes Continues.................................

Why, you may be asking yourself, am I complaining about shoes?  I am complaining because I can never buy the shoes I want, and I don't want to settle  for old lady shoes, so I just don't buy any.  It took me two years to find the kind of mud/snow boots  I wanted.  I finally found them this winter at Bass Pro.  I looked all last summer for dress sandals and everyday sandals, but was so upset that I couldn't get the ones I wanted that I didn't get any.  So here is what I have been wearing:

I bought these at Bass Pro so I could go fishing in them and wear them in the mud and snow.  I have always wanted camo boots...............................

minus the cow poop.

These are my "good" shoes that I wear to church.  Notice the blob of cow poop on the right shoe.

These are my old faithful New Balance shoes that I wear shopping, going to estate auctions.  These have had cow poop on them more than once.

And these are my everyday, mow the yard, wear to the mailbox shoes that I have been trying to replace for 2 years.  They are getting painful to wear because the inside soles are almost gone.  I  went to church a few weeks ago and was halfway there when I noticed I had mistakenly put these on instead of my black clogs.  I just continued on to church.  Nobody noticed anything differently about my attire.

There have been many times that I have scraped cow poop off these. 

I need new shoes but I don't want old lady shoes!!

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  1. I am a picky shoe person....but no cow poop on mine lol. I have one pair of dress shoes, one pair of snow boots, and 3 pairs of sneekers all the same kind...one is for gardening(old and dirty), another is for every day(still has life), and a good pair for visiting friends.