Monday, April 18, 2011

Jason's Birthday

Today is Jason's birthday.  He really doesn't want to be reminded, but I fixed dinner for him and his family, Andrew and Stuart, and my dear friend and neighbor, Marilyn.  Today is Marilyn's birthday as well as Mamie's Dad's birthday............................lots of great people born on April 18.  It is hard to  believe that I have adult children.  It was such a wonderful time, having our first baby.   He was so exceptionally cute and still is.  He has become a wonderful son, husband and father and I am so proud of him.

I took some photos of my lilacs................they are the old fashion lilacs and they smell heavenly.  The bush is about 6 feet tall and has really spread out.  Mamie expressed a desire to move some of it to her house.  The old fashioned lilacs are so wonderful because of their fragrance and I would rather have them then the new hybrids that don't have that wonderful frangrance.

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  1. Happy birthday Jason. Love the lilacs. Jimmy's mom has two huge bushes we have been getting starts off of and are trying to build a lilac wall south of our house in the tree line. Can't wait until they start blooming (have to grow some more)!