Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hula Hoops and Estate Sales

When Shea and Laine were here on Thursday they told me they NEEDED some things.  Shea needed a hula hoop---I have one that stays at my house, but she needed one for her house.  Laine needed a ball and bat---I have several that stay at my house.  We took a little break from Art and Music to play a little softball.  Those kids are too fast for me!!!  Anyway, I bought a hula hoop and bat and ball when I went to town on Friday morning.  I can remember when the kids in my little rural school began bringing hula hoops to school.  I, as well as every other girl, was smitten.  They came in all colors and made their way each day to school on the school buses.  Some rode with the feet of the owner anchoring them to the floor of the school bus.  Some rode in the aisles.  That would never happen now.  Schools take the fun out of being a child.    The hula hoops lined the closet where we hung our coats and sweaters and when the recess bell rang, their owners would fly to the back of the room to retrieve their hoops.  Our student body was a mixture of the haves and have nots.  I was one of the have nots, but the kids who had hula hoops were always so generous to share.  It was so much fun to take turns and see who could hula the longest.  Great memories.  Here is Shea doing the hula in the shop.  Jason and Andrew tried too, but I didn't get the camera soon enough.

This morning I went to an estate sale in Montgomery City.  It was soooooooooooo  cold.   The wind was blowing, the skies cloudy, and it was very wet----not exactly raining, but very damp and cold.  I thought because of the weather conditions, it would be a good sale to get some bargains.  I was so right.

Everyone was dressed in winter gear.  I was smart enough to take my Carhart coat, hat, and gloves, but I was wishing for my insulated mud boots after I stood on the muddy lawn  in my New Balances for a couple of hours.  It got so cold at one point that I went to the car, cranked up the heat and thawed out.  The only thing I was really interested in was some textiles (of course).

I wanted this hand made, hand quilted 30's fan quilt with the ice cream cone edge.  It is lovely and I really got it for a bargain.

I just had to have this wonderful hand crocheted table cloth.  It was in perfect condition and simply lovely.  I have crocheted table cloths before and I know how much work they are.  The price was astoundingly low.

This is such a lovely pattern and I was so happy!   Love to go to estate auctions!!


  1. I love the quilt and table cloth, so glad someone purchased them that will appreciate them as much as I am sure you do.
    So glad to hear what your grandchildren "need", how many hours can be spent with a hula hoop and a bat and ball. Brock was teaching Adrianna how to properly hold a bat the other day. I love that they don't really care about video games but want to do something physical.

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