Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It took me longer than I thought it would...................

to recover from my quilt retreat and catch up on my "farm management" tasks that I had neglected for a week.  Monday I paid bills and worked on some things I needed to do for my guild.  The kids also came over for Art and Music and then I crashed.  Tuesday I went to town to do a million tasks, and today I am getting ready to host our community club tomorrow.  I also baked Jason a cherry pie and made an Angel Food cake for tomorrow.  I will get up in the morning and make rolls and the rest of the food will be prepared at club.  Our community club is great.  Two women host the club each month---their responsibility is to prepare the meat, potatoes, bread, drink and to decorate the tables and to make sure everything goes smoothly.  There are many sweet ladies that come early to help and it always goes well.  The entire community is invited and it is such a neat opportunity to see neighbors and sit down to dinner with them.  The kids come (those not in school) and the men show up at noon with healthy appetites.  Dinner is still served on real plates, silverware, glasses and cups.  Immediately after the meal a huge group of women(and sometimes an occasional man or child) gather in the kitchen to wash the dishes and clear the tables. No one is required to stay, so the men return to work. It is great fun!

We have been having baby calves for a couple of weeks now and there is a bottle calf in our barn.  Jason asked me to feed him this evening and he was really hungry.  I took a few photos to let you see our new baby.

First rule of feeding a bottle calf:  hold onto the nipple or he/she will pull it off the bottle.

I loved this photo of the baby.  He is going to take a trip to Laine's house so Laine can care for him.

The pastures are full of little calves.  There are seven babies in this group of cows.  Can you find them?

Look at what has sprouted in the barn lot..............probably some noxious weed!  Spring is around the corner!

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  1. Man, I forgot Community Club again but I was studying for a final so I guess I should have stayed at home. Next month, I am going to put it on my calendar!!!
    Love the bottle calf, so precious but I also know they can knock you down if you don't pay attention.
    We have some green grass in our yard, I am getting excited.