Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I have been playing...................

with the Procion MX dyes I bought last summer after my workshop with Hollis Chatelaine.  I have always wanted to dye my own fabrics and I am wanting to do a quilt based on the Biblical Ruth.  I need some skin tone fabrics and it is hard to find just the right colors.  I had an idea of what colors to mix for a base color, but I couldn't get one of the colors I needed, so I tried another.  I ended up with a beautiful coral color---which is not skin tone.  I then mixed Bubble Gum, Safari Gray, and Canteloup and did much better.  The third batch I used the same colors, but proportionally less.  I need about a 6 step gradation before I can use them for portaits.  It has been fun.  I also want to do some sun printed fabrics this summer.

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