Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have you ever.........................

gotten into a slump with your quilting and just want to box it all up and put it in the closet?  I don't know what is the matter with me.  I feel like I am treading water.  I have my dragon quilt and the quilt I made with mom last week sitting on my sewing table.  I have a basket of fabrics I have been using to make my Dawn Heese BOM and I tried working on a block tonight.  I put a few vintage blocks together (I purchased them Monday and thought I could put them together in one day).  I have the facing on a hand quilted flea market find 1/4 of the way on.  I have 7 blocks done on a quilt I started 2 years ago.  I have 30's pieced quilt together and waiting for borders .................I think I started that 2 years ago.    I must be suffering from ADD.  I can't stand this feeling of not accomplishing anything...............not finishing anything.  Tell we what to do before I throw everything out in a fit of despair!           Oh, I forgot I have fabric to make Jillian and Shea Lone Star Quilts. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

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  1. I know what you mean, I think that is the curse of a quilter, so many ideas and so little time, getting one thing started and moving to another before you finish. I think I have three in progress right now, two cut out ready to go, you know. Need to get busy sewing again.
    Keep at it, who cares, just keep quilting.