Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It takes so little to make kids happy.

I was at Garrett and Jillian's the other day and I got some scissors and an old furniture catalog out for Garrett.  He cut out couches, lamps, mirrors, chairs and rugs for me.  He was totally absorbed for almost an hour.  I can remember when my brother, Allen,and I were really little---he was probably five and I was three.  One rainy afternoon Mom sent us out to an old smokehouse that sat in our yard, gave us each a pair of scissors and a Sears Catalog and we had the best time.................it seemed like we cut things out of the catalog all afternoon.  I'm not sure why I remember that, but I can picture us sitting on the floor with the catalog open between us, clipping away while the rain pounded on the tin roof.  It was bliss.....................and it was probably bliss for Mom because we were out of her hair for awhile.  Any way, here is Garrett hard at work, and Jilli with her blankee.

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