Monday, January 31, 2011

Yesterday afternoon I went to Jason and Mamie's.................

and saw Jason and Shea riding horses.  It was  a little slick, so they came home.

Shea was riding Biscuit and Jason was riding his horse, Doc.  Don't they both look happy? Jason is so happy that his knee is fixed and he can ride horses again.

Shea is such a big girl.  She can saddle and unsaddle her horse......................

but carrying that heavy saddle is another thing.

Shea had ridden Biscuit and left her horse in the barn.  He was throwing a fit because he wanted to be with the other horses.  This is Shea's horse, Trigger, a Palomino.

Dixie was tired because she had gone with them.  The best place to rest in the barn is a pile of hay.

Shea walks Trigger back to the paddock.

They feed some hay to the horses.  Jason is giving a nibble to Trigger.

Whose big footprints are these?

Dixie's, of course.  Copper passed away about a month ago and we all really miss him.

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  1. What a nice father-daughter activity. So glad they were able to spend that time together. Shea is such a big girl, such a good farm girl, never afraid to tackle a task! Much like her parents, correct?