Friday, January 21, 2011

Working on Dragons Lair

I thought I would let you know how I am attempting to put the vision I have in my head onto this quilt.  Many times I am unable to execute my vision, but I am hoping that this will work for me.  This is the middle section of my quilt, consisting of 4 Log Cabin blocks.

I cut  a piece of freezer paper the exact shape and size of the area I want to add my quilted dragons.  I decided I would make 4 mirror image dragons in this space------one in each section of the "cross", heads faced toward the center.

I then took one section of the "cross" and drew my dragon to fit this space.  I looked at numerous images of dragons and decided I wanted a Chinese looking dragon to go along with the oriental fabric I chose for the Log Cabin blocks.  Taking bits and pieces from various drawings, I created my own dragon.  I will make photocopies of my drawing and then I think I can iron my freezer paper section onto the quilt section and quilt over the top of the design.  I THINK that will work.  I hope so.  I really enjoyed drawing this dragon.......I just wish it was that easy to get it onto the quilt.  I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Can't wait to see the finished project... keep us posted... Your artistic/quilting talents are amazing!!! Jill