Thursday, January 13, 2011

In 1980......................

we built a new shop on this farm.  It was a wonderful shop, but our equipment outgrew it eventually and everything was too big or too tall to drive in it.  Last winter we tore down the old shop and put up a new one on the existing concrete.  It is really nice--we can even pull in the sprayer and open up the spraying arms.  One of the things Jason wanted was an "office" in the shop, which made a lot of sense, but the new office has evolved into a "man cave".   It has a bathroom with a shower, a refrigerator, microwave, cabinets with counter for the coffeepot, a desk and some office chairs.  I think it will eventually have more seating.

This is Jason,  Laine,  and Andrew near the "kitchen".

Here they are near the "office".

This is Jason's new office chair.

This is Andrew's office chair.  I don't even get one.  Probably don't want one if this is what the #2 man gets...........you know I am #3............or maybe #4 since Stuart is working here now.

This is Laine in front of two of our clean tractors, thanks to Stuart.  It is a wonderful shop!  Jason gave me a new Weber propane grill for Christmas.  His parting words to me.................."We might bring your grill over to the shop."  I noticed there was meat in the freezer of the refrigerator.  I can see where this is all going and I don't know how productive the guys are going to be.  I may have to turn the "office" into my new quilting studio................... 

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  1. Jimmy said he didn't see anything wrong with turning it into a Man Cave. On the other hand, I think you have an excellent idea. Close by where you can keep an eye on them (but they might expect you to quit quilting and cook for them).