Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I love a good Christmas story!

.My very favorite Christmas story is THE Christmas Story, but in the past few years I have tried to buy myself a book about Christmas every year.  I really picked a wonderful book this year:  A Christmas Memory   by Truman Capote.  It is three short stories.  I don't know what you think  or know about  Capote, but he wrote In Cold Blood and launched the  genre of true crime books.  I am just in awe of how Capote was able to draw me into his world of the early 1930's and the circumstances of his childhood.  It is a story of a little boy and his surprising best friend, and how they--despite the vast difference in age--bond together in their need for love and acceptance.  Oh, how I wish I could tell a story like Capote does.  The book is published by The Modern Library: New York and I purchased my copy at Barnes and Noble.  I haven't read the other two stories, but had the book only contained the one story, it would still have been the worth the purchase price.  My first thought after I finished reading the story last night was:  I want to read it again. And I will tonight....................and perhaps again and again until I have fully experienced  the richness of Capote's Christmas memory...............such is  the beauty of a well written story.

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  1. I agree it's a lovely Christmas story. He makes the older cousin so alive. My favorite detail is counting the pennies they have saved for the fruitcake making. Or maybe its the kites. Thank you for reminding me of such a good Christmas memory. A friend used to read that story aloud for a group every Christmas.