Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Trip to the Amish Store

Mom and I traveled to Cantril, Iowa, just across the MO/IA border to an Amish store and we had such a good time.  It was a beautiful day for a short day trip.  We stopped in Paris and had breakfast at a little cafe downtown.  It was so much fun----a long counter with lots of stools, a molded tin ceiling, no non- smoking section----that took a while for me to get used to----a group of older guys around a big table drinking coffee and solving the world's problem.  Our breakfast was sooooooooooooo delicious------the best I have ever had:  eggs, a slice of fried ham that was the size of the plate, hashbrowns enough for two people, toast with melted butter brushed on it, and strong coffee-----and get this------less than $9 for breakfast for two people and more than we could even eat.  We traveled on to Cantril, meeting and passing black horse drawn buggies filled with Amish families.

The store, called Dutchman's Store, is almost the length of the block and was filled with fabric, quilts, other sewing needs, books, toys, nicknacks, shoes (the women's shoes were all black), boots, outer clothing, fresh produce, a deli with wonderful cheeses and meats , kitchen and baking items, candy, and all kinds of food items.  They buy in bulk and sell a huge variety of  food items packaged in small bags.

I loved all the pumpkins on the porch.

Look at that huge wheel of cheese.

Here is my shopping cart with items I chose to fill my basket for the Boonslick Trail Quilters Guild basket action.

I had to get some of the Amish solids.

Loved these green gourds on the porch.

After three hours of shopping we had the deli make us a sandwich and Mom and I split it before we headed back home.  We had a real need for some home made pie and coffee----there was none in Shelbyville---none in Shelbina---but there was at our little downtown cafe in Paris. By the time we were done with our pie and coffee, it was dark and I don't do dark well.  I managed to miss the turn to get to 22 and soon we were in a town and I didn't know what it was.  While I got gas Mom went in and told them we were lost and "Where were we?"  We were in Mexico.  I told you I don't do night driving well!

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