Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

My Daddy in Europe during WWII- Taken by Army-Air Force Photographer and sent home to his parents. My Daddy drove a supply truck  in a convoy in Europe, many times at night without lights on  dangerous mountain roads.   I got this 1"x7/8" photo when my Grandmother died......................the executors of her estate did not want it..........this is the only photo I have of my Dad from my Grandmother's estate (11 years ago).  I am still waiting for the promised copies of his other childhood photos.  (Sigh)  
 We must be eternally grateful to our Veterans for the freedom we have and we can honor them best by continually guarding the freedom they so dearly paid for .
My oldest brother Allen served two tours of duty in Vietnam as the tail gunner on a helicopter .  My husband was in the Air Force and worked on the radar on the F4 fighter jets that flew over VietNam.  My father in law was in the Army and built roads and bridges in Burma during WWII.

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