Sunday, November 21, 2010

Smith Thanksgiving

Yesterday Rachel and I had the Smith Thanksgiving meal at Rachel's house.  There were 32 in attendance and we had such a good time----lots of kids and lots of food. 
This is our beloved Mamaw and Papa who are the matriarch and patriarch.  Mamaw and Papa have 
 made us many wonderful meals over the years and it is a delight to host them. 

Rachel set up 2 adult tables downstairs as well as a childrens' table.  The kids were so cute.  I think we used 4 towels at various times to clean up the spills.  Jilli had the worst time---somehow she ended up with mashed potatoes on her chair, which fell to the floor, which she walked in with her shoes, which left potato tracks across the floor............well, you get it, right?  Mamie made her wonderful hot rolls and she had to make a trip upstairs to bring a plate of hot buttered rolls to the kiddos because that was the first thing they ate and were ready for more. From left to right:  Laine , Garrett, Jillian and Dallas.

Laine, Garrett and Jillian.  You notice  they are waiting for more Mamie rolls.

Allyssa and Collin

Jilli and Dallas

Zoe, Allysa, Collin, Laine

Then there was the "big" girls who sat with the adults:  Shea, Emily, and Miranda

Mamie with another plate of buttered rolls for the kiddos.

Chris, Hollie and Jason upstairs with the adults.

Carolyn and her son in law Jim, Papa, and Mamaw.

Joel, Jill and Bob.

Matt getting mashed potatoes while Jilli looks on.  Think of what this group of people looks like from her vantage point.  She was the baby yesterday.  I didn't get photos of everyone, but Rachel, the hostess was there, as well as Tracey and  Max, Justin, Lisa, Mason and Jackson, Robby, Joel's fiance, Debbie, and my Mom, who came over in the afternoon for pie and coffee.  It was a wonderful gathering.  Thank you Rach---we make a great team.  I love you!


  1. So nice of Rachel to host Thanksgiving! Your in laws look wonderful. Hope they are doing well, haven't seen them in ages. This is what Thanksgiving is all about, family sharing love and food. Hope you all have a very blessed week.

  2. It was great to host and thanks for all the food and cleanup...we do make a great team, always have and always will! I love the pics and of course the story of my baby girl and her potato mess! Love you!