Monday, November 22, 2010

I work well with deadlines...........

Remember that I said I wanted to finish my table runner so I could use it at Smith Thanksgiving on Saturday?  I DID finish it on Friday about 5pm.  I didn't have time to block it, but I used it anyway.  Yesterday I wet it down and blocked it to dry and I really like it.........................I  DO well with deadlines.  I didn't know that!

What do you think?  Mine, or the quilt shop version?

Let me know (comment, please comment, please, please comment.......I'm beginning to think there is no one out there.)


  1. CERTAINLY yours! What a fabulous project, and I'm sure will be a blessing on your thanksgiving table for years to come. Hope the family had a nice time Saturday.
    And YES, we are out here... Love your blogging style :) Jill

  2. Definately yours! I just made two wall quilts with panels and find I don't think I like them too well..the printing is squewed and sometimes it's hard to 'quilt it out'!!! They'll have to do...made them as gifties for my DILs. Now, your tablerunner gives me ideas to use up panels in the future, thanks~!

  3. I love your version better, sorry I haven't commented in a while. Things here have been hectic, Jimmy on vacation, watching grandchildren, trying to do schoolwork, you know all those things!! BUT I have been reading and looking at the lovely quilts you have shown. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like yours, it is more user friendly and just plain beautiful, thanks for bringing it for Thanksgiving! It was festive and perfect!