Monday, November 8, 2010

Big Sally

This is Sally.  She is 25 years old and she came to live at my house when Rachel was about 4 years old.  Santa brought her that Christmas and Rachel played with her a little, but not a whole lot.  Sally sat in Rachel's room for many years.  I would try to talk to her a little when I happen to notice her, but  still she was very lonely.  She finally was stuffed in a big plastic bag, imprisoned in a storage bin and was stored for many years.  I try not to think what that must have been like for her, but no one wanted to play with her.  At times, I thought I could hear voices from the storage room, but when I would open the door, there was nothing.  I decided it was my imagination.  There were plenty of "people" she could have been talking to...............Teddy, Jason's bear, Roll Over Rover, Jason's stuffed dog, the beautiful Japanese doll that Marvin had sent to his mother from Japan, Flippo, the frog, many nameless dolls that Rachel had once played with.  I guess there were lots of lonely "people" imprisoned in that storage room.  

But one day, many years later,  my little Shea wanted to know what was in all those boxes in my storage room.  I chose one for her that was marked "Rachel" and brought it into the living room for her to open. I guess it was just like Christmas to her.  She emptied the storage bin of it's content, looking carefully at each  toy.  In the bottom was a big white trash bag..........it was Sally.

Shea loved Sally and played with her much more than Rachel had ever played with her.  She even asked if Sally could have a sleepover at her house, so I sent her home with Shea.  She did this many times and when I would go to pick up Sally, I would ask Shea if she had been good.  Sometimes she had been good, but most of the time Shea told me that she had been bad and had to have time out in the corner.  One time Mamie even punished Sally by making her touch her nose to the wall where she had to look behind the refrigerator and watch the spider crawl around on her web------really scary stuff!

When Shea got big enough to play school, Sally would play with us.  Again she would cause all the trouble in class and had to have time out.  She frequently wet her pants in class and had to go to the nurse's room.  She was really bad compared to Shea.  She still plays a little with Sally, but not like she did in the past.  She is growing up.

Sally is still living with me and now Jillian is beginning to notice her.  It is a matter of time before Jillian asks if Sally can have a sleepover at her house.  Sally can't wait!

I made Sally from a pattern and managed to hang on to the pattern all of these years.  2 years ago, I made Shea her own version of Sally.  I will get a photo of her on the blog soon.  The dress that Sally is wearing in this photo is one of Shea's that she has outgrown.  My, but little girls grow up fast.  It is so sad.................

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  1. I love Sally, she looks like a really good friend for a little girl.