Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Quilt, Quilted to Death

This is my quilt Persia and it has the most intensive quilting on it.  It was fun to do, but a lot of work. 

First I made plastic templates of various size and shape paisley  patterns.  I then marked an area of the quilt top, fitting the paisley templates fairly close together.  Using 2 different colors of thread, neon yellow and a light green, I outlined each paisley pattern, using decorative stitches(I backed the fabric with tear away stablizer).  I pulled the thread ends to the back and tied them.  When I had done this over the entire quilt top background, I layered my top, batting, and back and began to quilt through all three layers.  First I stitched a straight stitch around all the paisley shapes to hold them to the layers.  Then, using yellow, green and a light red/purple thread, I pebble stitched between all of the paisley shapes.  Then I quilted a grid pattern inside the paisley shapes.  This is how I quilted to death the background of this quilt.  Here are some closeups of the quilting.


  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Marilyn, I can't believe how much work there is in this quilt. It looks amazing. How long would this have taken you?? Definitely worth all the effort!