Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moonflower Vine

Occasionally I will see a small project in a magazine that really interests me and I will make it.  I made this small quilt from an article in American Quilter Magazine by Ginger Quinn Munoz.  Munoz entitled her article "Moon Glow Garden" and it is on pages 24-27 in Projects 2007 edition.  It is a prime example of positive negative manipulation of fabric.  This is basically the same technique I used in making my Joy quilt. 

 Moonflower Vine started with 2 fabrics, one green and the other red/purple.  I traced the pattern from the magazine onto paper backed fusible web and ironed it onto the wrong side of the darker fabric.  With sharp tiny scissors, I carefully  cut out the pattern along my traced lines including the semicircle.  I then moved  the red/purple semicircle to the green fabric and fused it, and placed and fused the purple cutout onto the green.  I then fused a green semicircle onto the red/purple and carefully arranged and fused the purple vine onto the green semicircle.  It is easy and lots of fun.  If I use raw edge applique like this, I "quilt it to death" to keep the edges from fraying or moving.  There are many patterns out now for positive/negative manipulation of fabric.  Try a small project and see if you like it.  It is really fun!

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