Sunday, October 17, 2010


This is Copper and he is 10 years old.  I have watched him age and it is so sad.  Notice how "gray" his face is.............................and he is deaf now.  I worry about him.   We have had old, deaf dogs who have laid down behind  or under trucks or farm equipment and could not hear when the vehicle was started  to alert them to move and they were run over.  It is so sad.  Farm dogs are so special.  They always want to go with their masters, riding in the back of pickups and in the cabs of tractors.  They enjoy the freedom of running on the farm, enjoying the idea that they are their master's favorites of all the animals on the farm.  I hope Copper will be ok.

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  1. Marilyn,
    We had a beagle that was about 16 years old, was almost blind and deaf and the same thing happened to her. We really missed her but knew maybe it was a blessing that we didn't have to make the decision to put her down. I love our farm dogs, they love me and play with the kids, do their own thing most of the time but are there to comfort me or keep me company on my walks. Prayers for Copper that he knows when someone is moving so he gets out of the way.