Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The ultimate yard ornament

I wish I had a horse........................or a whole herd of horses.  I wouldn't ride any of them.  My Dad took care of that notion when he brought home a Shetland pony when I was about 6.  He was mean........not my Dad...............the pony.  He spent most of his waking hours thinking of ways to kill us kids.  I would try to ride him but I couldn't control him.  He invariably ran to the nearest barbed wire fence and tried to impale me so he could leave me hanging on the fence, my mangled legs entangled in the wire, blood pouring out of my wounds.  Did I say he was mean?  He didn't want to be ridden.  He was impossible to catch, impossible to saddle, and impossible to ride.  I have tried to block most of the experience from my mind................I can't even remember his name.  I guess the guy who gave it to my Dad thought we had too many kids anyway..................one or two wouldn't even be missed.  I have tried to ride, but I just can't.
     But, I would still like to have a horse.  I would feed him apples and grain ( Marvin tried to feed Jason's horse an ice cream cone one time but he curled up his upper lip and wiped it on the grass until he got rid of the taste of sugar and milk).  I would rub him and brush him.  I would comb his mane and tail, braid them,  and bind them with colorful ribbons. I would take a million photographs of him and hang them on my walls.  I would paint his portrait on fabric and make a quilt.  I would cover him when the weather was cold and I would spray him with water when the weather was hot.  He would not have to work cattle, but would be free to roam the entire farm.  He would be the ultimate yard ornament.  These are Jason's horses.  They come over occasionally and pretend to be my horses.

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  1. I didn't realize his horses were sooo beautiful! And I also didn't know the story of the pony and that was why you won't ride horses. Thanks for a fun day today...Moo!