Saturday, September 4, 2010

The trials of quilting

Some people have the misconception that I don't have to struggle with my quilting.......that somehow it is easier for me than it is for them.   Nothing is further from the truth.   My seam ripper (s) get as much use now as they did thirty years ago.  My IQA Auction quilt went together without too much trouble, but the facing has been a nightmare.  I did the curvy, sculpted edge on Thursday morning, but didn't like it very much.  I spent the rest of the day mulling it over in my mind.  By Friday morning I had decided to leave the one curvy edge and make the other three edges straight edges.  So...................Today I sewed and turned one side, carefully pinned it, and machine sewed the facing down.   It didn't look very good---didn't lay flat-----looked kind of wonky-------------------so I thought quilting the facing would help----------------and then I thought, why not do something different?  I decided to quilt it with bright threads in a curvilinear design.  When I had done 6 lines of stitching in 2 different bright colors, I decided I didn't like it.......................I should have done the quilting on the facing in black and in straight lines.    Soooooooooooooooooooooo, I spend several hours ripping out the bright threads, and taking out the stitching where I sewed the facing down. I am now back to where I was this morning and not much further along than I was Thursday morning. I had better put this project away and let it heal before I make a fatal mistake.  Tomorrow will be a better day!

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