Saturday, September 4, 2010


  • I went to Jason and Mamie's last night to see Shea's new American Girl Doll.  She had been working to earn money so she could buy her.  She pulled weeds in my garden and helped me move my old canning jars and crocks. She mowed the yard some this summer, also.   Her doll looks like her...................blond hair and green eyes.  So cute.  Laine wanted his picture taken with his bicycle.  Dallas was sleeping.  


  1. Kiley and Maddi has a doll also I got Maddi two outfits for her doll for her birthday she will have to do a lot of work to keep her dressed. have fun

  2. American Girl dolls are so pretty, but when I talked to Mamie the other day she told me, "It's just wrong!! the dolls have tags on them that state they are made in China especially for American Girl" It does take the charm out of them.........................