Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I did get some work done today!

I made another small batch of apple jelly and this time I got 4 half pints.  I didn't boil this as long and it is not as thick as I hoped it would be.  Maybe I'll try one more time.  I did make 2 pies----one goes to  Community  Club with me.  It is Cranberry Apple Crumb Pie and you can have a piece if you come to club tomorrow.  I almost have the IQA quilt quilted................I"ll get done if I can make myself go into my studio and work on it...........hmmmmmm a piece of pie sounds good.  ( Any excuse for not finishing my a quilting works for me!)  Jason brought the kids over and we went to feed salt and mineral to the cows.  Shea jumped on the trampoline and the boys were riding their bikes at the shop(nice concrete).  Shea's bassett hound, Dixie, came to see me too.!

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