Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekley Wednesday

Yesterday I went to see my daughter, Rachel.  We always have a great day.  We began with picking vegetables from their garden and playing in the dirt and rockbox.  Garrett spent an hour shoveling dirt into his big dumptruck and building a "mountain" in the garden.  Jillian played in the rockbox---well, she mostly spent the time putting her shoes on and off and wiping the tiny pebbles from the bottom of her feet.  We called my Mom and she had lunch  with us on Rachel's deck.  The weather was so beautiful yesterday.  Rachel had her house opened and the breezes blew the curtains around the entire day.  .When the kiddos went down for a nap, I went to the antique mall downtown and looked at all the vintage textiles.  I kept looking at all the crocheted doilies and brainstormed about using them in a quilt some way.  I'm still thinking.  They are quite plentiful, inexpensive and beautiful.  It's a shame no one appreciates them.  Anyone have any ideas?  When I got back to the Weekleys I rested on the couch while Rachel kept an appointment.   When Garrett woke up we made stuffed peppers and when Rachel got back, she shredded  and froze the zuchinni we had picked earlier in the day.  When Matt got up (he was working nights) we had supper.  Later we took the kids to dairy queen to get ice cream.  I just had to laugh at Rachel.  She got this enormous ice cream cone.............she said it was a "medium" cone............and of course, Garrett and Jillian had cones as well.  Jillian had a dipped cone and was licking it and getting nothing, so Rachel quickly ate the shell off it.  Garrent got behind and his cone started dripping, so Rachel  "helped" him out by licking all the melted ice cream for him and soon "had" to do the same for Jillian's cone.  Now I know why mom's with small children gain weight!  Rachel says its from Cortisol-----the stress hormone.  Maybe its a combination of both.  Darn----I was going to put some photos of the kids here but when I turned on my camera......"No memory card".....it was still in my computer.  I guess the joke is really on me.

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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. It is so nice when the kids live close and grandparents can spend time with them and their kids. The weather was absolutely perfect yesterday and is supposed to be the same today. Hope you can get out and enjoy it again. I can't believe how big Rachel's children are getting.