Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mashed Potatoes Anyone?

After waiting for over two months, I finally got my new potato pot.  My family loves mashed potatoes, so when I have them all here, it is not uncommon for me to peel 5-7-10 pounds of potatoes---depending on how many are here.  For over thirty years I have been using a small pressure pan that my mother in law gave me not too long after I married Marvin.  I used the pressure pan for many years, but it gradually evolved into my cooking pot for mashed potatoes.  Earlier this year I got to looking at the handle and it had a big crack in it that was near where it attaches to the pot.  I could see what was going to happen.  I would be carrying this pot, full of boiling water and potatoes, to the sink when the handle would suddenly give way and I would end up scalding myself.  So.....I got on line and found the perfect potato pot.  It is an All-Clad, copper core, stainless steel, 4-quart saucepan with lid and helper handle.  It is so beautiful.  I have always wanted beautiful pots and pans.  Its kinda neat to have to wait to buy good things.  When young people get everything they want when they are just starting out, it robs them of the time spent dreaming and thinking about what they would want if they could get the best.  I got the best.  I am so excited.  But, I'm a little sad.  My old pot has made lots of good mashed potatoes..............and we all love mashed potatoes.

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  1. I was just looking at the plates we bought when we got married yesterday, 5 of the 8 we still use. Not sure what happened to the others but I don't think they were broken. Might have left them at some dinner (or home of someone for a funeral dinner) and never got them back. I still love those plates but we usually use the plates from Grandma Dunn's house now when we eat! They have to be about 80 years old now and my kids always want to eat on them.
    Wonder when it became acceptable for newlyweds to purchase everything new, we had all used stuff except those plates that I purchased right before we got married.
    Love your blog, visit mine sometime as well.